David Clark H10-76XL 5 ohm mic

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Headsets are functionally tested and in cosmetically "good" used condition


  • Soft, double foam headpad

  • Undercut gel ear seals

  • Advanced ENC technology provides 17 - 22 additional dB beyond already superior passive noise attenuation

  • Versatility of portable battery powered or permanent mount options using the same headset

  • Headband custom adjustment for perfect fit

  • Dynamic, noise-canceling M-87 microphone for clear, crisp communications

  • Meets MIL-26542/2 (USAF) specifications. Ideal for aircraft requiring a low impedance microphone

  • Microphone terminal impedance nominally 5 ohms

  • "FAIL-SAFE" operation. Electronically independent earphone drivers permit uninterrupted communication should ENC or its power source fail

  • Coiled cord terminates into a U-174/U plug.