Lightspeed Aviation Zulu, Coil, U-174 Lower (Like New)

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Earseals, ear cavity foam and mic muff are replaced on all Lightspeed Aviation headsets

Headsets are functionally tested and in cosmetically "good" used condition

The Lightspeed Zulu ANR headset is a fantastic combination of active and passive noise reduction and is the first headset that is Bluetooth compatible.  Bluetooth provides wireless cell phone, and music interface with controls embedded in the battery box. With two independent auxiliary inputs, you can even wire to a music source while using Bluetooth for your cell phone providing music and cell phone service simultaneously! The circuitry gives priority to incoming radio calls, automatically muting the music source. Zulu is made from a combination of metal and highly durable composite plastics, with magnesium ear cups that are half the thickness of typical plastic cups yet provide a better barrier for attenuation. The ear cups also have heat sensitive foam seals covered in soft leather. The vented head pad is designed for even weight distribution and the thin, flexible formable spring steel band has significantly less side pressure than most headsets. The headset folds neatly away when not in use.  Zulu weighs just 13.9 ounces and the ANR noise cancellation will last 40+ hours on two "AA" batteries.